Is the “Angle” of my solar collector important?

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22-Jun-2014 04:52 PM

Al Rich

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A typical roof angle is 18 to 32 degrees. As long as the collector angle (known as “tilt”) is at least 18 degrees up from horizontal, additional tilt usually has little effect on total year-round performance. An exception would be areas with very sunny winters (as in most areas of Colorado) where a higher angle, facing the collector more directly into the winter sun, can make quite a difference. Take these facts into consideration when locating your collector and consult with us if you have any questions.

In most areas, a solar collector can face anywhere from East to West (its orientation) without losing more than 5% of the energy it would have produced if it were facing directly South. Exceptions include Easterly facing systems in areas with a lot of morning fog and clear afternoons where South facing or West facing would be much better. The opposite can be true if sunny mornings are very often followed by rainy afternoons.

Al Rich


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