How do I get the most efficiency from my Solar Water Heater?

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22-Jun-2014 05:00 PM

Al Rich

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As a standard electric water heater usually has two elements, having an electrician disconnect the lower element will increase the efficiency of the solar system. When disconnecting the lower element it is important to be aware that you will have less continuous supply of water on cloudy days because only the upper element is heating the water.

Another easy method to increase storage efficiency is to have a 220-volt timer installed by an electrician. It will activate the element for 3 hours in the early morning (say from 5AM to 8AM) for showers etc. and on again in the early evening (say from 4PM to 10PM) for evening use if solar gain hasn’t been good that day.

For safety sake, it may be wise to install a Mixing valve to protect children and the elderly from high temperatures, especially with larger systems. See installation and O & M manuals for details.



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