Do your systems accommodate the extra water heating needed for radiant floor heating (using water in the floor, not glycol)? It seems that perhaps your “System 5″ would be the most likely candidate…

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22-Jun-2014 05:03 PM

Al Rich

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Generally, effective space heating requires a great deal more energy than the output of a solar water heater in winter. One approach is to use 8 Skyline® collectors on a Rheem Tank with steeply tilted south facing collectors to help prevent overheating in summer and optimize winter performance. A steep tilt with Skyline® collectors is easier because of their low profile.

A separate floor loop heat exchanger is then pulled off the Rheem tank, or the glycol loop for the collectors is directly diverted to space heating with automatic valves. We do not design space heating systems but are happy to give advice from experience and we discount the price of larger systems.


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