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Benefits of Solar Water Heating for Business

  • Smart Investment for any business that uses a lot of hot water
  • Ideal for hotels, apartments, car washes, fitness centers, spas, veterinary offices, and Sr. facilities
  • Great for food service, including restaurants, wineries, breweries, and dairies

  • Good Reliability in over 200,000 commercial installations
  • Financial Incentives - 30% federal tax credit, accelerated depreciation, and state level incentives
  • Why our Skyline Systems?

  • Choice of collector colors to blend with building façade
  • 40% lighter collectors are less costly and safer to install
  • Lightweight collectors have less weight loading and structural issues
  • Lightweight collectors can be installed without roof penetrations
  • Can be easily moved to another building if the business relocates
  • Range of water storage and control options can be tailored to specific applications
  • Featured Commercial "Skyline" Systems:

    Solar Water Collectors in Lodi, CA Peltier Station Lodi
    Peltier Station Winery, Lodi, CA, reduced their Propane Bill by 50% with a small 12 collector drainback system with 480 gallons of storage providing an outstanding Return On Investment, sold and installed by ACR Solar International Corp. 
    12 collector everglades national park Solar Collector 12 2
    2 of 4, 12 - 20-01 collector systems installed by Everglades National Park, Florida.  Each of the 4 powerful systems has 4, 80 gallon tanks in a narrow utility room for a total of 240 gallons each.
    San Diego Solar Water System San Diego Ca Solar Water Collector
    Some of 60 Tahoe Blue Skyline collectors installed on the Island of St.. Kitts for a College Dorm complex The trellis installation provides shade for the students. Designed by Capital Sun Group, Ltd.  Photo - Albert Nunez
    48 Solar Water Collector at Apartment Complex Davis Apt Building Solar Water Collectors 1
    48 collector Davis Apartment Complex system.   The left picture above shows the unique center connections for both feed and return. The back row on the right picture is 98' long. Installed by ACR Solar International Corp. picture by Al Rich
    Kunde Winery, Sonoma Ca Solar Water System

    Aerial View of Kunde Winery, Sonoma CA, with 51Skyline collectors and a 1,000 gallon tank, Installed by

    ACR Solar International Corp. 

    48 Skyline Collectors for a Costco Car wash in Phoenix, AZ.
    Phoenix, Az Commercial Laundry System
    48 Collector installation for a Phoenix, AZ Commercial Laundry. "Skyline collectors outperformed their rating"
    Kurger Pickle Factory, Stockton CA
    Kruger Pickle Factory, Stockton, CA, Powerful 132 Collector system with 2,800 Gallon storage.


    El Novarillo Sacramento, CA

    The photo to the left is of El Novarillo, a fine Sacramento, CA Mexican restaurant on Franklin BLVD in Sacramento, CA. They installed one of our commercial systems in 2007. The 800 s/f system (16 collectors on the front and 24 on the flat roof) reduced both the Gas and the Electric bill by providing hotter water longer to keep the Hobart Electric boosters off.


    *Skyline® Collectors are much safer to install:

    Back Injury is the most prevalent and costly source of injury to American workers. A reported 372,683 back injuries occurred in 2001, accounting for 27% of all lost time cases. (US Bureau of Labor Statistics).

    See: SAFETY 

    **Commercial Skyline® collectors are available with the absorber tubes going through the end of the collectors. Up to 5 “throughput” collectors can be connected end to end.  Fed from the center, collectors can be used for a run up to 144’with no return lines needed.


    What We Need To Know To Help You With Your Commercial

    Solar Water Heating System (Rules of Thumb):

    Please keep in mind that a solar water heater supplements and preheats your existing water heating system to reduce your utility bill.  Because of cloudy days you will always need to have a full backup system in place. In the summer, with the sun high in the sky and less clouds, systems provide more energy per month than the cloudier winter season where the sun in much lower in the horizon.

    1.  We need to know how many Btu's you need supplied.  This can be established a number of ways. Find out how many Therms or, if Electric, how many kWh you are using to heat water. If your water heating is not monitored, you can often get an idea of consumption with Gas or Propane by looking your non space heating season bills, usually the cost to heat water is 80 to 95% of this bill.

    If Electric, your spring or fall, non-heating, non-cooling bill will be your lowest bill and 50 to 70% of this bill can be your cost to heat water.  In both cases, it depends on what other uses for energy you have for the fuel.   

    2.  An example of another way would be for an apartment or Hotel/Motel with consistent 7 day a week usage.  Figure 10 square feet (s/f) of collector area per person day of usage.  A motel with 100 rooms occupied and average of 75% of the time by one person to a room may need a 750 s/f system.  This would also cover the laundry. If the Motel has a large restaurant with lots of dishes, a larger system may be needed.

    3.  A lot of times the system size is limited by available space for collectors and or storage, or simply by budget.  This limitation may cause the system to be smaller but smaller systems can be a very cost effective Green investment.

    4. If you want us to give you any idea of savings, we also need location and your cost of energy in Therms or in kWh. We also need to know your usage patterns and what the water is used for.

    5.  You need the collectors to face the sun so you need a good, unshaded, southern orientation (if in the Southern Hemisphere, a good Northern orientation) We need to know how you system will be installed. Be sure to take your orientation readings from True South, not magnetic.  

    6.  Tilt angle is important.  The higher the collectors are tilted (from horizontal) the more winter collection they will achieve and the potential for summer overheating is reduced. 

    7.  We need to know if you have a flat roof or a tilted roof and we need to know the material.  Pictures are very important for us to help you with this.

    8.  You need enough space for storage.  Depending on your situation, you will need from 1 to 2 gallons of storage per s/f of collector area. Again, pictures are very important for us to help you with this and we need measurements.

    9.  Most areas require a heat ex-changer but some warmer coastal areas can use open loop systems.

    10. You need a good pipe run.  You need to be able to connect the collectors to the tank or tank heat ex-changer so you need to establish that a pipe run can be made and how long it will be. 

    11. Depending on the amount of collector used, the pipe size will vary greatly from 1/2" to 3".  We need to know the length of the pipe run.  

    12. Local code, Permits and other issues including roof warranty need to be considered.

    Cost: Commercial systems "rule of thumb" cost is based on installed cost per square foot (s/f). In general, smaller commercial systems cost more per s/f per day than larger ones.  A solar thermal system can produce up to 50 watts of thermal power per s/f where a PV system can typically produce up to 15 Watts per s/f.

    A typical residential installed system costs $160 to $240 per s/f so commercial systems go down in s/f cost as their size increases. Larger installed systems on average cost from $100 to $220 per s/f installed.  The lower end is for simpler installations or self contracted installations.  The higher end is more complicated jobs and or for Prevailing Wage jobs which adds usually 25 to 30% to the installed cost.  Typical non Prevailing Wage commercial solar water heating installations over 800 s/f cost between $120 and $160 per s/f installed depending on the level of difficulty.

    We give basic design help and draft estimates to customers on the above at no charge.  More extensive design work, drawing, and plans are done at an hourly or Job rate.

    We look forward to helping you cost effectively Go Solar!

    Using the Sun's Energy for heat is the Best use of Solar Energy!

    With 30% Federal Tax Credit and other State and Utility incentives, now is the time for you to Harness The Sun for your share of FREE solar energy!

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