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Installing A Solar Water Heater Costs Far Less Than A Solar Electric System

Monday, June 23, 2014

By George McDermott

Summer Time, Summer Time

One thing we can count on in the Northeast during the hazy, hot and humid summer months in the Northeast Corridor; the temperatures will rise and along with it will be the cost to keep yourself cool!

Most of us just take it in stride as an added expense, a luxury tax if you will.  It a part of life to avoid the summer time blues.  But……. there is a solution! offers cutting-edge green technology that not only allows us to “contribute” to our planets longevity but also can put some extra dollars back into the family budget.  Oh, did we mention that our product lines qualify for the 30% Green Energy, Federal Tax Incentives as well as generate Solar Renewable Energy Credits (“SREC’s) in the states of NJ, MD, DC and DE???

And let’s not forget about the incredible NYSERTA Incentives for the great state of NY as well!  

So did you know that if you have an electric water heater, it may use more electricity to run it than your Air Conditioner uses? This is especially true if you have a family of four or more.

Installing a solar water heater costs far less than a solar electric system and takes up to one quarter the roof space!'s systems look good too with Designer trim colors to complement your roof.’s Summertime Specials can still get you moving in the right direction.  Our online “Do It Yourself” Installation videos will give you the options of being hands on with your product line or simply give us a call and we will have one of our qualified installers do it for you.

Either way, check us out, and “Join The Green Revolution” with!

Using the Sun's Energy for heat is the Best use of Solar Energy!

With 30% Federal Tax Credit and other State and Utility incentives, now is the time for you to Harness The Sun for your share of FREE solar energy!

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