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Using the sun's energy for heat is the best use of solar energy!


Today, millions of homes and businesses around the globe use

solar hot water systems because they are so cost effective!

Solar Water Heating is the First Thing To Do!

With 30% Federal Tax Credit and other State and Utility incentives, now is

the time for you to Harness The Sun for your share of FREE solar energy!

We look forward to helping you Go Solar!

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Solar Fact:

Solar water heaters are the most cost

effective way to reduce carbon emissions.

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Complete Hot Water System

Introducing the Low Cost


Solar Water Heating System for Non-Freeze Areas.

A 10 s/f System is Just


This significantly easier to install Solar Water Heating

system Features the 19 pound, 10 s/f high performance, "Skyline" 10-01 collector.


red 10-01 collector



This easy to ship solar water heating system is great for all non-freeze areas making it ideal for Islands and Island Nations around the world. It can be easily connected to an existing or added water heater.

The Islander provides a huge aesthetic and installation advantage over common thermosyphon systems by not requiring a heavy tank on the roof.

The “Islander” Solar Water Heater includes a 100% "Run By The Sun" 12 Volt PV Panel that powers an advanced 12 Volt PV pump. This system can be installed anywhere there is water pressure with no high voltage wiring.

Islander Brochure

Islander Price Sheet



Customer Reviews: What Our Customers Say About Our Systems!


Al and Ashley,

Manny and I want to thank you for all that you have done for us over the past several years.  You make the best solar water heating system in the country and your service and support are excellent.  We wanted to share with you that our company was just voted the Best Solar Contractor in the US Virgin Islands by the readers of the St. Thomas based Daily News newspaper.  This is a huge honor down here and frankly we are humbled.  We did not even know we had been nominated so we didn't even vote for ourselves.

But this honor also goes to you both and everyone else at SolarRoofs.  While Manny and I do strive to install every solar water heating system to the highest possible standards its your Skyline panels and the Quick Connects and all the other pieces and parts you supply us that allow us to install the very best system available.  Together we make a successful team. 

Thanks again.  And we look forward to many more years of success. Mike and Manny



It has been almost a year since I bought my two panel system from you. (2, 10-01s) I enjoyed the drive up to meet you and I have really enjoyed the money I’ve saved on my FPL bill. The first month my bill dropped 30% but I didn’t believe the solar hot water could have made that much of a difference. I was wrong. I had an energy audit done by FPL and they said after surveying my house that I had already taken the biggest steps in reducing my light bill I could take. I had added insulation and installed the solar hot water system…

Thanks for selling me something that does exactly what it says it will do. Best Regards, Greg M.

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Hi Al. It's been a long time since you shipped my solar water heating system to me but I finally got time to hook it up. It was really quite easy to do. It works great and I'm very happy with it. Thanks for your offer of help, I feel a little guilty that it was so easy that I didn't need it.
Sincerely, Jeff Saar

Extreme Home Makeover with

Everyone is asking the same question about solar water heaters: Why Doesn't Everyone Have One?
Your very detailed Website made it quite clear that this company knew what it was doing and had created a product that could be installed by one elderly person, myself. I found the installation directions very easy to follow.

Extreme Home Makeover with

Gentlemen, here in south west Florida we have survived the coldest, cloudiest, rainiest winter (set records) anyone can remember.  

I am happy to report that in spite of the weather we have never run out of hot water. It will be two years now that our electric water heater has been turned off. I must point out that we change the position and tilt if the panels as required which keeps the performance at peak efficiency. 

Although I don't pay much attention to the solar water heating system it is not uncommon throughout the winter to see return temperatures in the 130s and 140s...

We can't thank you enough for this fine solar water heating system. If anyone in Southwest Florida would like to see the "HUGE" advantages of a ground mount system feel free to refer them to us.

Many Thanks: Richard & JoAnn Martin,  Venice, Fl

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The costs are reasonable, the product is of good quality and the results are impressive. Thank you for making the solar collectors so light!
Joeseph Tardif - MA

Extreme Home Makeover with

When I assembled my system, I had everything I needed the first time. The solar hot water system has performed extremely well, was easy to assemble, and the best price of any I had looked at.
It was really quite easy to do. It works great and I'm very happy I highly recommend the Fireball (now Skyline) 20-01 solar water heating collectors and Al's customer-oriented business philosophy. R.R Emmet - ID

Extreme Home Makeover with

From a Phoenix AZ Solar Water Heating Distributor:
Why do you sell Solarroofs products?
SolarRoofs solar collectors perform better than their OG - 100 Rating.
When do you sell Solarroofs products?
Solarroofs products are used on commercial and residential solar hot water installs for domestic water heating.
What added value do you get for working with Solarroofs?
Solarroofs is very helpful in sizing larger systems and solving the little problems that go along with solar water heating.
What is the best part about selling Solarroofs products?
The price of the solar hot water system is quite attractive to the end user.

Extreme Home Makeover with
Hello, Mr. Rich.
I wanted to send you a note to let you know that since my solar water heating system went operational in September, I have not had any issues whatsoever, and am experiencing what I feel to be very good to excellent performance from it. Recently, during single-digit temperature days, I was happy to see > 90 degree water temperature fluid coming from the solar collector panels into the heat exchanger. While Missouri lags behind most of the country in the promotion of renewable energy, I would expect some of that new business to be coming from the St. Louis area. If you are in need of a reference to speak with potential customers, please feel free to pass my name and e-mail address on to them. Regards, Chris V. - St. Louis, MO.

Extreme Home Makeover with
Al: Thanks for the note. Before moving to Africa we spent 17-18 years in Northern California (Fair Oaks, Colusa, & Healdsburg). Our son Tom is a deputy with the Sac County Sheriff's office. Although he and his wife live in Lincoln, he patrols the area around you. Both of our kids are Del Campo graduates. I'll include him in the e-mail and ask him to stop by when he's in your area.You would be pleased to know that the other occupants here at the Rafiki Village are orphans and have NEVER experienced running water from a tap, much less solar hot water on demand. None of them have ever seen or turned on an electric light, and the list goes on. Rafiki Foundation, Inc. has a number of orphanages in sub-Saharan Africa taking care the smallest victims of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, the wars, and all the other stuff that goes on over here making it very unhealthy for kids. In Liberia one out of every five children dies before the age of five. SolarRoofs has helped to make some of that 4 make it, better prepared citizens of our world. Thanks!
Your servant and His in Liberia, Ed B.

Extreme Home Makeover with
Just wanted to say thanks for the help via the phone calls in setting up the solar water heating system. ...I called on three separate occasions and your reps were helpful and polite each time. Thanks again for your support, it's a great system for up here in upstate New York!! Tim P.

Extreme Home Makeover with
Carolina blue sky is usually a hazy blue unlike the west coast, but it doesn't seem to slow these collectors down! I am sure it has a lot to do with individual consumption, but we are entering March with better than 80% solar capacity. I have not flipped the breaker for the electric element at all. When I need more hot water, I move the valves manually to the gas water heater. That way we have a pretty good handle at least the number of days we are using solar water heating. Our family can usually go two days on the storage tank. So for now, it is looking very good!

Extreme Home Makeover with
Al, I installed my 2 collector type 2 solar water heater and it works like a charm. I am very impressed with your product, it really is a great kit. If you ever need more references, or someone in this area who wants to see before buying, feel free. All and all, a very happy customer here.
Thank you and regards, Kees-Jan (March 2005)

Extreme Home Makeover with
Thanks so much for making a great solar heating system! I'm a computer support technician, and not one who normally does this sort of thing. The fact that I was able to do much of this myself is a testimony to the well thought out hot water system that you've developed. I look forward to providing hot water for my family for years to come. Rick B. - TX

Extreme Home Makeover with
To all the folks at SolarRoofs, In August of 2008 I purchased a System 5 from you and I just wanted to follow up and tell you how impressed I am with your product. My system installation was simple and performance is excellent. In these summer months my old hot water system can go to sleep and even in cold weather the solar heating system is working!  I recommend your product to everyone my sincere thanks to you all. Jerry G. - Mastic Beach - NY

Extreme Home Makeover with
Dear SolarRoofs, We are ecstatic about our new System3 solar water heating system here in Columbia,SC!! Our first electric bill came in at a 31% savings !! And that's with NO fuzzy math! Performance is more than adequate, even on cloudy days. Your operation is very professional and courteous as well. Please do keep up the fantastic work! Casey and Audrie H. - Columbia, SC

Extreme Home Makeover with
Well, it took me a while, not because of the kit but because I have had very little time to install it, but everything is up and running great. I have officially shut off my boiler hopefully for at least the next month and a half. I'm interested to see how the solar water heater works this winter in Vermont. Thank you again for all your help during the install. Tom R.

Extreme Home Makeover with
Mr. Rich:
My compliments to you for your well-designed solar collectors. Mine ... went up like a breeze... If I weren't going on 70 years old, I'd go into business here in Vermont!! Phil S.

Extreme Home Makeover with
My solar water heating system is installed and working terrific. Thanks! Aaron H. - CA

Extreme Home Makeover with
It works! I finally charged my system several days ago and everything seems to work as designed.. it all appears much simpler from this side of the project. ..., overall, the installation went smoothly, thanks in part to your timely technical support....and yes I would recommend this solar hot water system to others. word of mouth means your product is a success. Sincerely, Ken M.

Extreme Home Makeover with
Dear Rich - As of 4pm yesterday I finally got my solar water heating system up and operating. 150 f coming off the collectors on this overcast New England afternoon. System was received in good condition. Took a while to install only because the project begot several other projects at the same time. Actual install was pretty straight forward. ... Thanks, Tom Cusson

Extreme Home Makeover with
The solar water system is working perfectly. Wednesday we did laundry and all household chores with warm water from Tuesday all before noon and then stored plenty more hot water for evening chores and our wake up use this morning. Lonnie and Dave P. - Maine

Extreme Home Makeover with
Thank you so much for the excellent business to business service SolarRoofs! We've been extremely impressed with the very professional way in which all of your product and applications related questions have been answered. Your staff - at every level - has always been prompt, patient, and detailed in assisting us. We would be happy to recommend you. Sincerely, Chad Blanchard of Solar Technologies

Extreme Home Makeover with
Dear Mr. Rich: I can’t say enough good things about my new solar water heater. I took your advice and purchased the SkyLine 5 Platinum system.

I am an engineer and no stranger to working with my hands so purchasing an all inclusive “kit” was against my nature. I was expecting a little more of a challenge but to my surprise your deluxe system has an abundance of everything one needs to easily do it yourself.  So many times, you get a “kit” that scrimps on the basics like hardware or uses the cheapest stuff you could buy. Your solar water heating kit was Awesome! Thank you for including extra of everything and using the best quality as well. That’s a first for me and made for a very pleasurable experience.

My daughter and I installed the complete hot water system in a day and a half. Your color instruction book and on line video tutorials made it fun and easy. I spent more time clearing out the attic and removing the old water heater than anything else.

The overall quality of the components and workmanship it absolutely top shelf! I couldn’t be happier.  This is what “Made in U.S.A.” is supposed to be!

Yes it works too!

As an engineer I know that it is essentially easy to make something work. It is hard to make it easy. Your design is elegant in its’ simplicity. The differential pump and controller work effortlessly to extract every bit of solar energy from the collectors on my roof and deposit it into the solar water heater in my basement.  It is obvious to me that you spent some time refining this design to it’s present point.

It is fun to watch the roof collector temp drop as the water heater increases. Even on a cold day, 38 degrees F I got a tank temp of 110 with limited sun. This is in November!! 

I supplement my domestic hot water heat in the winter with an out door wood boiler. This combination means I never use electricity.  I connected the electricity to the supplied 80 gallon solar heater/ tank but have never powered it on.

Based on the efficiency of this unit I can see that during the spring summer and fall I will have more solar heated hot water than I can use!

I thank you again and must also say that your customer service from start to finish was the most pleasant experience one could hope for. I could not be happier, this is the best investment I have made in a long time. Sincerely, Roy Larimer, Palmyra, VA

    Interesting Solar Water Heating Facts  

Solar water heating produces energy at 1/2 to 1/3 the cost of Solar Electric (PV) and have 4 to 5 times the power density. Solar hot water systems are a perfect complement to a PV system and make your solar investment more cost effective. With 30% Federal Tax Credit and other State and Utility incentives, now is the time for you to Harness The Sun for your share of FREE solar energy!


- The Florida State Energy Office Estimates that the average all electric Florida home uses 30% of it's total electric energy just to HEAT WATER!
- In one year, your water heater may cost you MORE to operate than your heater or AC so a solar hot water system is an excellent investment!
- A solar water heater gives you "Tax Prepaid Income." Example: In the 35% Tax Bracket, Saving $520.00 on your hot water heater is the same as earning $800.00.

Solar Water Heaters Cost Far Less Today!

- In 1984 the typical professionally installed closed loop solar water heating system cost about $6,000.  With inflation the same system would cost over $11,000 today. Instead they cost only (New Prices) installed depending on the area.
- That means Solar Water Heating has come down in cost 22 to 40% since 1984 before Tax Credits!   Our 100% complete "no solder" solar loop systems can be self installed by the handy homeowner or handyman for a savings of over 50%. Professional Installation is recommended whenever possible.
- As a Power and Conservation Resource, Solar Water Heating Can Really Make a Difference to America's Energy Dependence!

- In one year, most families' water heaters use MORE energy than their family car.
- Installing a solar water heater is like increasing your gas mileage by 65% or more!

     See Benefits Section

Solar water heating is an ideal complement to a P.V. system! Each Skyline 20-01 solar collector produces thermal energy roughly equal to the energy of a 1 kW Photovoltaic (PV) system. Solar water heating is the perfect complement to a Photovoltaic system because it can increase the energy output for a fraction of the cost of the same power output from a PV system.

California's energy consumption could be reduced by over 2% by supplementing enough Gas, Propane and Electric water heaters with solar water heaters. This "Macro Application of a Micro Technology" would do enormous good for California's and the country's economy, significantly reduce pollution and free up large amounts of natural gas during peak times to produce electricity. This solar water heater principle could apply to other states as well.

    Macro Use of a Micro Technology (PDF)


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