Hot Air Collectors Exclusive Air Collectors are very light weight and comparatively easy to install. System components such as fans, ducts, etc. will need to be purchased separately. The video below shows some details.'s low cost Skyline 10-05 (10 s/f, 20" x 6') and 20-05 (20 s/f, 20" x 12') Air Collectors are a new generation of light weight, easy to install air collectors that are very effective and delivering Btu's directly into the home, office or warehouse.

General Sizing Guidelines

Systems should be sized to have a minimum of 1 sq /ft. of collector area per 10 sq/ft of floor area, it can be less in warmer areas, more in very cold climates. These collectors can be custom configured with holes cut or seals and racks supplied to fit your specific needs. 4", 5", or 6" holes can be made at the center of either end and 1" by 6" air slots can be made at each corner to facilitate series air flow through multiple stacked collectors.

Always insure that the fan pulls air through collector, never push air through collector(s).

Standard Color is Musket Brown (CO101), with a Free option of Dove (Medium) Gray (C109)

Other color options are available at an extra cost. See other sections for tilt kits.

Note: Fill in # of collectors

These high performance air collectors can be custom configured with 1” x 6” air holes in any of the 4 corners or 6” round holes in the bottom end(s) of the collector.

Skyline Air Collectors:

Code Product Name Description
1005#C 10-05 Single piece unit uncut Includes 4 mounting ell kit
2005#C 20-06 Single piece unit Uncut Includes 6 mounting ell kit
AHC1 Custom fitted air holes, Per hole Includes consulting and side seals

Skyline 20-05 Air Collector Configuration Options:

Code Description
C101 Standard Color Option: Dove Gray (an attractive Medium Gray)
CXXX Optional Trim Colors: Choose from one of 24 Optional Colors
SC01 Air Collector Tilt kits, heavy duty custom Collector Array Installation Kit, per collector:
5C106 Wall Duct Kit with 5’ long x 4” flex ducting 4” to 3” reducer and louvered wall duct (Gr):
3TR11 4” insulated flexible duct x 25’ long
5C520 4” Adjustable Plastic Grill
5C523 4” back draft damper
6C509 4” 90 cfm Centrifugal in-line duct fan
3TJ96 6” 190 cfm Centrifugal in-line duct fan
C101 Standard Color: Musket Brown (a dark architectural brown)
SP02 Eagle Set point Controller with 2 sensors
2E897 Low Voltage Mercury Switch Thermostat (Gr) - White
2E866 24 volt to 120 Volt relay Honeywell (Gr)
4MY93 0-120 F bulb Thermostat - (Gr)