Solar Spa and Pool Heating Systems

Solar Spa and Pool Heating Systems can be complicated and while offers the lightest weight and easiest to install glazed collectors available, a qualified contractor is usually needed to design the system. does not design these systems. Please have your contractor contact us.

Spa Heating Systems are usually sized to have 70 to 100% of the spa's surface area in collector area for year round use. specializes in the collectors and does not supply design services or balance of system components.

Our high performance Specialized Pool Collector is the best solution for Coastal and other areas where the average summer temperature is below the desired pool temperature. It is not recommended for hot areas such as AZ where stagnation would occur for long periods of time.

This Drain back collector has ½” nominal (5/8”OD) tubes at either end for which to connect the needed header size. A 10-06, or 20-06 has one header connection and a 40-06 will have 2 header connections at either end.

CAUTION! It is vital to understand that these collectors can stagnate to over 270F and that water that hot can cause PVC pipe to drop like spaghetti. Consult with the factory about techniques to prevent this possible damage. One technique is to use purge tanks where the heated solar water goes through a small stored body or water to dilute the potentially high temperatures, a second is to have a slip valve where solar water is partially diverted past the collectors and to the return lines.

General Sizing Guidelines

Each 40-06, 40 square foot collector can deliver up to 46,000 Btu's per clear summer day. The average percentage of collector area to pool surface area coverage is generally 50 - 80% as recommended by the manufacturer. A south facing 50% coverage will generally give one to three additional months of pool usage at each end of the season. Some customers have requested pool systems with as little as 25% coverage with good results for their needs.

These new glazed pool collectors are designed to heat pools when average summer ambient temperatures are below the desired pool temperature. They can contribute significant energy to the pool when ambient temperatures are up to 60 F below the desired pool temperature. These 06 series collectors have less insulation than our 01 series which limits stagnation temperatures usually to 270 F instead of over 400 F for conventional 40 s/f glazed collectors. The Black Crystal absorber increases low-end performance. About 50 to 80% of pool area is needed in collector area depending on needs.

For example: Thirty 40-06 collectors were used near the San Diego, CA coast where average summer temperatures are 77 F and the customer desired pool temperatures of 85 F. This resulted in an enormous reduction of gas usage. Mat collectors would not have done the job here.

Currently the system components such as pumps, fittings, etc. will need to be purchased separately and are not offered by Standard Collector Color is Musket Brown (CO101), with a Free option of Dove (Medium) Gray (C109). (Other color options are available at an extra cost.)

Skyline Glazed Pool Collectors:

These high performance copper pool collectors come with 1/2” feed and return lines protruding ~ 1 1/2 out from the ends. The back of the collector has 1/2” of insulation.

Code Product Name Description
1006 10-06 Single piece unit 6' H x 20" W (Includes 4 mounting ell kit)
2006 20-06 Single piece unit 12' H x 20" W (Includes 6 mounting ell kit)
4006 40-06 Single piece unit 12' H x 40" W (Includes 6 mounting ell kit )