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Dear Solar Dealer:


Energy costs are on the rise and so are solar thermal sales!

Our exclusive 100% “run by the sun” open loop System 3 and closed loop System 5 qualify for the new Federal 30% Tax

Credit. Only supply 100% of the tubing and parts required for a complete “no solder” installation of the solar loop. systems are significantly easier and safer to install than other systems on the market. The aesthetic quality satisfies customers and attract more.

We encourage new dealers who meet our criteria for quality service to apply. Training is available. The Skyline® collector and systems are the result of 27-years of work in the solar thermal water heating field. With 4 to 5 times the power density of Solar PV, heating water with solar has always been "the low hanging fruit." It’s the least cost, most effective way to "going solar." For example, solar water heaters could reduce the country’s total energy consumption by over 2%, improve the economy, reduce pollution, and free up natural gas during peak times to produce electricity! products makes heating water much more desirable to customers and easier for dealers to sell and install. You can help us attain our goal of installing thousands of systems on a worldwide basis, and we will support your efforts.

Photovoltaic (PV) power is taking off. The simple fact is that our solar water heater can double the energy output of a 2 or 3 kW PV system for a fraction of the cost. This is a compelling reason for PV dealers to install water heating systems with every PV contract! Because of the many value-added features of Skyline® systems, dealers will find it easy to integrate and install products with PV systems.

Did you know that the 30% tax credit, up to $2,000 maximum for each system, applies to both PV and solar thermal making it twice as easy to increase your profits by selling two complementary systems during one presentation?

Because of its lightweight, low profile and ease of installation, the Skyline® collector is ideal for commercial applications. Please consider for your next commercial, institutional or government application.

Customers like the way the long and lean Skyline® collector looks on their home. They are available in a variety of optional colors so the system becomes a coordinated architectural enhancement. More attractive systems are easier to sell and obtain referrals! The Skyline® collector has a quality absorber tested to deliver over 1,000 BTUs per s/f on clear days. You can rely on it to offer great customer satisfaction now – and in the long run.

I truly look forward to working with you. Let’s collaborate in the mass application of solar water heaters in the national and international marketplace. Please feel free to contact me at (916) 481-7200 or

Best wishes,

Al C. Rich




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