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Solar Thermal Energy involves the technological process of heating water by utilizing energy from the sun.'s Skyline Solar Water Heating Systems are based on highly efficient solar thermal technology. Prior to the mid-2000s many solar experts had overlooked the benefits of solar thermal as solar electric has been a high profile technology for commercial use. But following a series of studies by solar trade associations in Austria in 2004, these organizations began to recognize that the potential of solar thermal has been greatly underestimated.

A report issued in January 2005 by Green Markets International found that solar water heating can be more cost-effective at reducing greenhouse gases than solar electric. They also found that solar thermal is comparable to wind farms and hydro electric facilities in terms of reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.


IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme and Solar Industry agree on common methodology to calculate installed capacity of solar thermal collectors




The International Energy Agency’s Solar Heating and Cooling Programme (IEA SHC) and several major solar thermal trade associations agreed upon a methodology to present the installed capacity of solar collectors in GWth. This will make it possible to compare the installed capacity of solar thermal collectors with other renewable sources. The absence of such a methodology prevented the energy output from solar thermal collectors from being included in many official statistics on renewable energy.

The definition that was chosen is similar to that for photovoltaic modules. A detailed description of the method is given in the technical note referenced below. Because the conversion factor is nearly the same for all collector types, it was decided to use one factor that is 0.7 kWth per m2 of solar collector area for all collector types.

Using this conversion factor, the installed capacity of solar thermal systems was calculated, based on the data from the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme for solar thermal collectors (see graph above). They are compared with the capacities of photovoltaic and wind power as published in UNDP’s World Energy Assessment.


PG&E Found Solar Water Heating By Far Had

Greatest Potential To Reduce Natural Gas Consumption



Solar Thermal Power vs PV Power

Solar Water Heating has 4 to 5 times the power density of PV. An average 40 square foot Skyline Water Heater produces thermal energy in an amount equal to the energy of a 2kW Photovoltaic system at a fraction of the cost. Solar Water Heating is a perfect complement to a Photovoltaic system because it doubles the energy ouput of an average 2kW system, at a fraction of the cost!














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