Utility Rebates For Going Solar

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Local utilities across America are joining Federal and State Government to offer incentives in the form of rebates for going solar.

For example, SMUD (Sacramento Municipal Utility District),

offers a rebate of $1500 to its customers who want to replace their electric water heaters with solar water heaters. SolarRoofs.com is a SMUD approved contractor and participates in this rebate program. SMUD also provides financing for its customers who are making the switch from electric to solar water heaters. SMUD is offering its solar rebate until December 31, 2008 or when funding is depleted.

Check with your local utility and find out if rebates and financing are

available for going solar. For our local customers please visit our

Sacramento Solar Energy News page.

Using the Sun's Energy for heat is the Best use of Solar Energy!

With 30% Federal Tax Credit and other State and Utility incentives, now is the time for you to Harness The Sun for your share of FREE solar energy!

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