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Revolutionary, 19 and 38 Pound, High Performance,

Skyline 10-01 and 20-01 Collectors  Make All The Difference!

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Our 100% Complete Platinum Packages Make It Easy For


Your Best Solar Water Heating Value:

The Skyline5 Platinum 40 square foot system with 80 Gallon Heat Exchanger Tank, 100% Run by the Sun PV Powered Electronic Pump, Sophisticated 12V Differential Controller, Full Freeze Protection, copper lines, Insulation, 100% No Solder Solar Loop, Tempering Valve and Much More!

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Now Available in SILVER,with GOLD and PLATINUM Upgrades

>“Silver”  systems are Standard packages that compare to most internet kits but the 

collectors are far easier and safer to install.

>“Gold” systems are Deluxe “recommended No Solder Solar Loop" kits with 100% of the parts needed to complete the solar loop.

>“Platinum” is the ULTIMATE solar water system, custom tailored to your needs.  These systems are the world’s most complete and easiest to install solar water heating package. Nothing compares to this outstanding, time saving value!

Guaranteed Best Value or we pay $100.00!*

*We Guarantee that our system is the best value when compared to any written, apples to apples, quote for a similar size system! We will match or beat a legitimate, standard, written, price quote plus you get our Super Easy to Install Collectors! Just send us the quote showing all materials that are included and we will meet or beat the price or we will send you $100.00, Guaranteed!

95% Of the USA is a Freeze Zone - See

Our Most Popular System the Skyline 5

If you are a skilled do it yourself, we suggest you:

1.    Read "Going Solar"

2.    Watch the Appropriate Videos

3.    Read the Appropriate Installation Manuals

4.    Call Us at 888-801-9060 for Help!


Homeowners who own a SolarRoofs.com solar system love them because of these important benefits:

  • Most Complete, Lowest Cost System Available
  • Very Cost Effective - Saves Money!
  • Most Cost Effective Method to Reduce Pollution
  • Architecturally Attractive - Increases Home Value
  • Easiest to Install Solar System In the World
  • Free Energy From the Sun for Decades to Come!

SolarRoofs.com manufactures solar collectors so light that almost anyone can pick one up. Our six foot Skyline® 10-01 collector weighs only 19 pounds and our twelve foot Skyline® 20-01 collector weighs only 38 pounds. Not only does this make installation easier and safer, it also saves money on shipping! 

Even though our systems are light weight they are extremely durable. We are so confident about the quality of our systems that we provide a Twenty Year Limited Warranty. Our Skyline® systems have been tested to withstand hurricane force winds and our mounting systems are certified to 150 mph. 

Many homeowners even install our Skyline® Solar Collectors themselves. We provide the do-it-yourself homeowner with a colorful, self-explanatory installation manual. We also provide a toll free number where installers can get technical assistance! We want every installation to be successful because we know homeowners will save money and together we can do something good for our environment!

If parts are ever needed for a SolarRoofs.com system, just jump over to the Parts section of our Online Store and everything needed is available within a few clicks.

For an explanation on tanks click here. For solar tilt kits click here.

Many homeowners don’t have the time or the inclination to install their own system. In this case, SolarRoofs.com can recommend excellent Dealers around the country who are qualified to professionally install the perfect solar water heating system to meet any need.

SolarRoofs.com is proud to offer homeowners a superior solar water heating system. Our collectors are certified by Solar Rating and Certification Corporation and qualify for Federal tax credits.

SolarRoofs.com systems also receives an SRCC OG300 system rating that often qualifies buyers for rebates offered by utility companies and many states. With the global focus on our environment, now is the time for Going Solar!


The Revolutionary Skyline® water heater changes everything! Now installing a Solar Water Heater is MUCH EASIER.